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Cable Speed Boost - 100mbps - yeah right...!

Since I've had my cable service (approx 10 months) I've very rarely managed to achieve the contracted speeds of 100mbs download and 2mbs upload. I've had the ocassion bandwidth congestion where my Fetch box throws up an error complaining about insuffiecient bandwith but as it happend only once or twice a week I didn't mind. Over the last month or so I've been getting more an more errors to the extent that my service is unusable. So I've run a few speed tests at various times during the evening and I'm getting the blistering speed of 0.40mbs download and 0.43mbs upload...!

I've run the test over the past few days with similar rusults of under 1mbs download and .5mbs upload. even as I write this @ 7:40am I best I'm getting is 6mbs download and 1.18mbs upload.

So much for paying the extra for speed boost eh...!

Optus live chat doesnt work (presumably as they don't what to have any kind of audit trail!) so I had call to Optus support where I described the problem to somone with limted english skills who reponded that he could see there was a little congestion. I'd hate to see what speeds I'd get during heavy congestion?

Anyway if there is anyone from Optus who actually reads this stuff, then please fix it. Here's the case reference number 1524694176. If I understood the support person correctly, there are technicians working on the problem, that's great cause I'd hate to have get the TIO involved at the end of the week. Come on Optus get it together!

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Re: Cable Speed Boost - 100mbps - yeah right...!

Hey @Isobaric - thanks for taking the time to write this up. Can you please PM me with your account details, full name and DOB? I'd be happy to investigate this further and raise this with our case management team. 

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