[Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can help.

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Just before I begin, this is more of a log considering most people here will not be able to help unless an actual Optus representative in Australia can contact me and work with me. I'm going to begin logging everything I have dealt with, save this in case it gets removed or censored as a way to provide the public more information about Optus and their services.


Current Issue:

  • There is a consistency of packet loss of 5% to 20% in some instance
  • There is no specific time so this isn't a off peak vs peak 

What I believe, as I'm just some programmer who knows basic networking:

  • Coincidentally this year we're getting NBN so NBN work is being done - We're 3 months before the NBN hits
  • This is a local issue because my local network is clean and to prove this we also have ADSL2 
  • Could the modem be the issue? We had technicians come over and verify it's not (I have a second modem/router sitting here)

Contacts with Optus up to this point/Date logs

  • 29/03: I advised Optus chat to log a report for packet loss
  • 30-03 to 31-03: There was no issues with my internet
  • 01-04: I advised Optus via call to log a report for packet loss - I also downloaded hrping to log pings
  • 02-04: 8AM to 9AM major packet loss (remainder of the day fine)
  • 03-04: 11AM to 11:15AM major packet loss (remainder of the day fine)
  • 03-04: Contacted Optus via chat, this person had no idea how to provide a reference to the incident
  • 03-04: Contacted Optus via call, this person was aggressive and blamed me for it
  • 04-04: Most of the day packet loss was occuring and I bought ping plotter to obtain information
  • 04-04: Called Optus, finally a helpful technician who believed me and sent Technicians over
  • 05-04: Most of the day packet loss was occuring
  • 06-04: Parts of the day packet loss was occuring 
  • 06-04: Technicians contracted out from Optus visited in the afternoon, ascertained it wasn't my local network
  • 07-04: Parts of the day packet loss was occuring
  • 07-04: Online chat with Optus, he suggested I sent details to (I've yet to receive any reply to even acknowledge this is received - I setup systems like this and at least put a auto-reply and reference number)

It is 08-04 and I feel it's prudent to keep a log and have this posted in some public form and track this ordeal and get some attentiont to how Optus is dealing with this. Unfortunately NBN isn't here yet but after 15 years of being with Optus I would likely move to AussieBB if this never gets resolved.


The overall response from Optus

  • Has been a negative experience with multiple representatives denying there's any problem 
  • It feels as if Optus is a first blame the consumer approach compared to AussieBB who I also had similar dealings with over my business clients but they acknowledged my role as a sys-admin and a programmer and never ask me stupid things
  • The contractors who visited couldn't figure the issue out either and I assume one was a trainee because he believed me pinging multiple services was the reason for packet loss but the senior person had no fix either, so I was told just wait and we're on it
  • Contacting Optus again to ask if "they even acknowledge it" was - We don't have any information on that but we'll call you back so apparently Optus and the contractors sent out here has some miscommunication since nothing is flagged here.

To highlight the packet loss I'm going to post various data over time and my ordeal with Optus


05-04 to 06-04 (48 hours of data)

This is 48 hours, there is a gray section pinging google because I turned it off and there's packet loss on my local network because I was connecting other hardward to test my modem/router out.

48 Hours - 5.04 to 6.04


This is 48 hours pinging - Now do note even if you see a big chunk of green there's still packet loss every so often. It's just 48 hours is a lot of data to graph out

48 Hours - 5.04 to 6.04


07-04 (12 hours of data) Google and

12 HOURS   07-04-2019 4 AM to 4 PM

12 HOURS   07-04-2019 4 AM to 4 PM



Re: [Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can h


So reading your post, you've not considered anything with your modem because if your "alleged" evidence suggests that pinging the CMTS (which is designed NOT to answer ICMP all the time in favor of its primary role) is ignoring your pings. But you knew that as a sys-admin right? Some routers will ignore ICMP.


What do your modem stats look like? As you've not shown this?

What modem are you using? 

Are you using the Optus modem in bridge or not?

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Re: [Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can h


Yes I am aware of said limitations but I am first and foremost a programmer for 15 years, sys-admin is something I do on the side and concede a lack of knowledge beyond fundamentals and supporting smaller business clients as a side gig. I work with another person who has a bigger focus on networks who handles the higher level issues with our clients and their own branch.


Additionally the modem incident, I was going to change it out because of another ordeal I had with Optus by changing a plan with them incidentally caused a random modem/router to be sent. I had this option lined up but was advised by the Optus Technicians who visited on Saturday to not do the change since it has nothing to do with my modem and that I should just wait until NBN and if I stay with Optus they're releasing a supposedly better router.


The reason why the Technician said so was because I did research and asked him, I was hesistent on switching to the F@st as a lot of whirlpool comments has said it's bad. The technician confirmed he has done a lot of work due to the F@st routers and said it does more harm than good.


I own the CG3000 from Netgear. It is not bridged.


I'm going to share the data I believe you expect to see and you can advise with your expertise if there's anything questionable that I should bring up for Optus.






My knowledge is too basic here but I am going by what the technicians that visited said, they see no issues in the modem/router.


Please be aware my concerns are very simple:
1. I want Optus to acknowledge this issue officially but it's hard to believe that when calling them results in a "there's no issue recorded" or "we see no issues on our end" even after a visit I had assumed something was officially logged

2. I want some communication, there's been none


Thing is I asked those guys if I can be kept in the loop or whether I can get a case incident number but nothing. I contact Optus and those first level support do a whole dance and can't find a case incident.


It be reassuring if Optus could say we got someone on it, they're going to check it out on Tuesday and when and if they think it's solved. They can say "Hey it's solved or at least we think so, can you keep monitoring and come back to us, here's your case number".


All I have is this blind faith and I am not a religious person let alone have faith in Optus.


Re: [Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can h


Here's the latest update on this ordeal.


A case manager was meant to contact me back on Monday/Tuesday but alask that never happened. I was very close to switching my modem out but I was very sure just logically being a technical person that it doesn't seem like the modem/router was ever the issue and I was right.


Optus and some people have this mentality that the consumer is in the wrong but I stuck with my guns. For 1.5 weeks I continued to call, report, call, report and hope to get an answer - an acknowledgement - some form of communication.


It finally happened yesterday, escalation to a woman named Abigal (?) who was one of the best technicians I've spoken to for the past 15 years of Optus and working with ISP's for my business clients.


  • She explained every thing and said there was ongoing weather damage that caused instability and became worse overtime
  • She explained that this may not be the root cause and that the team is monitoring 
  • She told me that I should continue monitoring  and THANKED me for reporting this, I was apparently Patient Zero
  • She said after technicians visited me and even broke down date by date the incident that multiple calls came in (after)
  • She explained the incident was an area wide issue as the damage to their infrastructure was getting worse overtime
  • She cut my bill for this month or the next (I got a SMS verifying this) as a gesture

At this point the issue is still ongoing but the estimated time of resolution is unknown but she explained the job status is almost closed and that I should call back if my monitoring shows packet loss next week.


I will update this if there's further issues next week, as far as I can see I am unsure if there's a fix being applied because last night I received an hour of packet loss but so far it's better than 10+ hours. If it ends up bricking itself over the week I'll definitely pursue this.







Re: [Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can h

[ Edited ]

Newest Developments after 11 days and a short summary


The Summary

  • Optus did acknowledge this as an area issue as per my previous post
  • An SMS was sent out stating the issue in the area has been resolved on April 12th
  • For about 5 days the internet was relatively fine - The logs were pretty clean with some packet loss
  • The problem started again on 17/04 with a minimal packet loss around 15 minutes consistent
  • The problem escalated as the days went by
  • My assumption is a band-aid fix was applied and it's become undone, Optus was quick to dismiss this case and that's a big issue in my books - I would have monitored this fault for a month at least.

What happened when I contacted Optus again?

On 17/04 I dreaded the call, I'm already so tired of this ordeal, Optus has been nothing but a disaster of communication issues and technical competency.

  • The first thing this technician did was show me how incompetent he was because instead of repeating what I said he said "ping stuff" or something on the lines of "ping being lost" and I was shocked enough to say "do you not know what packet loss means?"
  • The second sign of incompetency was when he specifically said there's a maintenance in my area and quoted the dates of a node I am not connected on as per my previous discussion with Optus about what was appearing on their website. This idiot was fast to take that back like he couldn't palm that off as an excuse.
  • This call went on for 30 minutes and he suggested maybe it's my premise being the issue and to send technicians on a day I'll be at honestly great logic, only 5 days after a fix was supposedly applied you end up coming full circle and blaming my home again.
  • In any case I got so annoyed at this person that he just said I'll call you back in a week, here's a fault number but no ones actually looking into the fault
  • I'm going to remind people who are kind enough to read this, I am not aggressive on the phone at all - I will say Optus can release all the calls I made, I do not swear at them, I do not yell and shout. I always open up with "I understand you can't do anything here but..." - I'm just so frustrated typing all this out that I sound like a royal beep which I am fine with being on forum where I can vent some frustration.

On 19/04 I decided to call back, I'm stressed out at this point dealing with this ISP but I figured I can get someone else

  • This technician didn't beat around the bush, she said she can't do a thing while an existing fault is opened but she'll talk to the person who opened the fault and get him to call me back on Monday.
  • With that said I'm done, I just can't be bothered in another 30-60 minute call, repeating everything again and again...

From what I can asceratin Optus applied a band-aid fix and due to the recent weather we received the nodes got damaged again however 


The Data.

This was between 17th of April to 19th - ish

  • It all started when I noticed a 15 minute span of packet loss in which my internet was unusable
  • Overall you can see the internet was fine but I knew better, it was going to get worse.
  • The next day I suffered 2 huge hits with one hitting a couple of hours but I knew it'll get even worse

April 17th to 19th 4 PM MINI.png


This was the 19th to now but right now for the past 3 hours it's non-stop - I'll post that in an update after I call up and have a WONDERFUL chat to their amazing team at Optus 

  • As I suspected, it was going to get worse
  • Multiple hours of down time and spikes in batches
  • It's now consistent for 3 hours.

April 19th to 21st 2 PM MINI.png


Re: [Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can h


Just off the phone with Optus, the technician has no idea what packet loss meant, I didn't mind - I understand he can't do much but apparently 8:50 PM for tech support means there's no supervisors or escalated support.


Now I received a message on another board just advising I should be going through the TIO and file a complaint there, file a complaint with Optus. Then continue pursuing a fix and updating here.


Here's the latest log of the past 3 hours, as you can see my internet is completely fine and normal /s (sarcasm).


Am very stressed out, 14 hours of work every day even through the public holidays, onto the weekends - the last thing I need to deal with is my ISP doing band-aid patches and signing off a fault that clearly still exists. I do thank them for 5 days of working internet...the band-aid just wasn't strong enough.


21st April - 3 hours HELL

Re: [Cable]Packet Loss in my area, A log of my ordeal with Optus and to see if anyone in Optus can h


This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum. 

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. They may be able to locate Abigail to be in contach with you again. 

If not, please chat with us.
If for some reason it is still not resolved, please follow our complaints process.  

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