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New Contributor Jazzi
New Contributor

Cable Internet Is very slow

Is anyone experiencing slow internet speed in Toongabbie area during pick hours on cable broadband? I called customer support and the rep told me that there is some upgrade work is going on in the area and there is no timeline defined for completion of the work. I am pretty sure that there is no upgrade work is going on and rep is telling me BS.


I got Optus cable connection a month back. While I joined on the optus website it says I would get speed up to 30mbps. I am not expecting 30mbps but I thought I would at least get 15mbps. But I am not even getting that. I am only getting 5mbps. It is the same speed I was getting with ADSL connection. It looks like Optus standard has dropped and they are compromising on quality of service and providing poor customer experience.

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Cable Internet Is very slow

Hi @Jazzi, sorry for the delay with our response. I can appreciate the frustration that you've been facing with slower internet speeds. I've had a look at the Toongabbie area and I can't see any network outages or planned roll-outs. If you're still facing these issues, you can contact our Technical Support team here, who will raise an investigation for you.

For your own reference, here's a link to our Network Status page, so you can check your area when you experiences issues with your internet speed.

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Occasional Contributor ltpAus
Occasional Contributor

Re: Cable Internet Is very slow

Hi Jazzy,

I have been having the same issue since returning from OS 4 weeks ago (was OS for 2 months) - and I pay an extra $20pm for 'extra fast'.

Called once a week for the past 3 weeks and today was finally told that they are doing work on the server and they don't know when it will be fixed.  I am in Box Hill area of Melbourne.


When I asked for a refund, was told that they would give me $30 refund only, however if I decide to cancel the service (leave optus and find another provider) they will give me $60 refund!


I have been with Optus for my home broadband for 20 years and this is the first (and obviously last lol) time I have asked for a refund or been a problem of any kind for them.


You are so right when you say:

 It looks like Optus standard has dropped and they are compromising on quality of service and providing poor customer experience.


Hope you have better luck than I did!

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