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Mobile Outage Northern NSW has now been resolved 2PM AEDT
New Contributor Wes84
New Contributor

Cable Internet Dropping out

I have an issue with my newly installed cable plan.  I am having issues with both the wired and wireless connections dropping out.  everytime I turn on the wired PC, I need to either reset the router, or clear out the dns cache sing the cmd screen.

With the wireless, I need to constantly turn my wifi on the phone/table on and off to get it to reconnect.  It says the wireless is connected however it has no internet signal.


Have the sagecom f@st AC router supplied by optus, and on my 3rd on of these.  I assume it is an issue at the optus end, as I previously had a cable connection at my old house with none of these issues.  Have also tried using the old modem that was supplied at my last address but have the same problem.


Have run a diagnostics on the router and received the following error messages:

Test PPP server connection:FAILFAILFAILFAILFAIL Help
Test authentication with ISP:FAILFAILFAILFAILFAIL Help
Test the assigned IP address:FAILFAILFAILFAILFAILHelp


Any assistance would be appreciated past the usual support of turn it off and on again!

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