Cable Congestion Issues Never Getting Dealt With

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I've had been with TPG for around 2yrs and thought we needed a upgrade, something much faster than our 10Down and 0.8Up that we recieved with ADSL2+ we weren't able to have NBN installed due to it not being in our area until 2019, our only choice was to get Cable with either Optus or Telstra, we went with Optus only because family members and friends told us that Optus has a really good cable service, we went through the whole process of choosing which package we wanted, so.. me and my son decided to get the 100down and 2up package.


After everything was settled, like the installation date etc.. technician came and installed everything then left, my son did a few speedtests and speeds were fine... until peak hours hit, we were recieving speeds up to 0.2down and 0.2 up... on very rare occastions do we even get a 5 down during peak hours. I've spoken to many tech support people for hours upon hours, through the phone.. and through the live chat, all say that they're gonna do something to help out yet nothing seems to be happening, a few tech support people actually ended the chat because of my complaints about my issues, you really think if i'm paying $100 a month for good speeds i should recieve 0.2 down and 0.2 up?? you really think those are reasonable speeds huh? They also told me a few weeks ago that they're gonna upgrade the exchange and msg me when it's bound to happen, guess what? that upgrade didn't even take place... i feel like Optus tell us all this stuff that they're never gonna do, is so customers don't keep complaining.... i don't know honestly.


I've received no help whatsover.. as a new customer i'm very dissapointed in the service, tech team and just optus in general for not caring about their customers, because congestion doesn't just affect me, it affects the whole neighbourhood. If nothing is dealt with, I WILL BE LEAVING OPTUS. 


if i've made any grammatical errors, forgive me, because i was kind of in a rush to get this out.


thank you for reading Smiley Happy


Re: Cable Congestion Issues Never Getting Dealt With


Have you raised this with Tech Support? If there is an on-going issue with your line, they will be able to advise your options moving forward → Slow Speeds: Cable Internet Troubleshooting

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Re: Cable Congestion Issues Never Getting Dealt With


Yes... NUMEROUS times. It's really frustrating.

Re: Cable Congestion Issues Never Getting Dealt With


Me too. Beyond acceptable. What I believe has happened in our area is they signed up peeps thinking nbn is close and it has been delayed.


We had great speeds at our last address which was cable. We moved and signed to Telstra but for us it was no better we didn't even have broadband or a phone for months. Optus also struggles and with the new apartments being built our area is completely over subscribed.


My advice to you is to leave and go back to TPG.  






Re: Cable Congestion Issues Never Getting Dealt With


Might do so. Also NBN has been delayed for us until 2019 :/

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