Cable Broadband Installation


I have applied the Optus Cable Broadband online. Optus technician has come, and checked that the cable box attached on top of the street pole does not have enough port for my house cable connection. He said could not install for me,  and Optus will inform me for another fix. and he left without giving me the modem and said Optus will have another visit.

And that's it , all gone, no reply at all. Then I called their CS and they said the installation was done successfully, and checked that I am using their Cable broadband service.

How can I use their service, when the installation was not completed, and I had not given a cable modem.

I am not your customer yet. 

(It's been almost a month now, Luckily, I did not cancel the TPG service, or I cannot type this message at home.)


Re: Cable Broadband Installation


Sorry about the poor experience there AsimoJoe Smiley Sad Happy to check this out for you and see what's going on if you like? I'd just need you to PM me your address details.





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