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Hi all,


I'm a fairly new customer to Optus with ADSL2+ & Yes TV by Fetch, and I also have a Netflix account. I'm very unimpressed with the connection speeds and specifically the picture quality when streaming on Netflix or EPL coverage. My previous residence had a cable connection, which was great, but I'm struggling to come to terms with the backward step to ADSL2+ speeds.


Are Optus (or any other ISP) looking at broadening the availability of their cable internet offering, or do i need to wait for NBN (whenever that will happen). FYI - I live in North Willoughby, NSW 2068.


Any info appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Cable Broadband Availability in Future


Hey Nick. Sorry to hear you've had issues. Have you run a speed test with your services? Run one here and let us know how you do. Do you find it slows down at different times of day?


Re: Cable Broadband Availability in Future


Hey - haven't noticed any patterns of slowness at particular times of day, but it seems fairly consistently poor quality when streaming. I just ran a speed test, and got d/l speed of 4.73mbps, compared with 35mbps when I was using cable service at my old place. Does that fall into an average or below average speed?


Also, do you have any info on potential rollout of cable broadband for my neighbourhood in future?







Re: Cable Broadband Availability in Future


I understand, could you PM me through your home phone number, full name, D/O/B and I'll try to optimize the line to try to boost up the speeds (no guarantee)? As Optus has sold it's HFC network to NBN, we won't be expanding it out. Had a chance to check on NBN serviceability by clicking → HERE?

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