CG3000 firmware


I had an Optus technician out today and he replaced my modem with a Netgear CG3000.


I've got everything working OK, but I want to know the current firmware revision (is it the same as what's listed as Software).


Also, I downloaded the file from the Netgear support site.


So, how do I update the firmware in the CG3000?  There are no options I can see to upload a firmware file.


Any suggestions?

Re: CG3000 firmware


Hi tizza42 - the Optus supplied modems will receive firmware updates automatically once new versions are released. The current version you have running would be the latest compatibility tested version available.

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Re: CG3000 firmware


So 4 years later I add my bit...I have the exact same firmware as you and it appears nothing at all has been upgraded re firmware. 

In fact, when checking the Netgear gc 3000 v2 1STAUS Portal there is no update button at all and no update has come down the line. Ho hum.

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