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Occasional Contributor lachie74
Occasional Contributor


So it seems the wonderful folk at Optus closed my last post about censhorship after some canned reply from a drone who works there.


I got a reply by email today to my complaint I made 3 weeks ago about this censorship, what wonderful insight did I get after waiting 3 weeks?


We have temporarily blocking a number of websites that continue to host the

footage of last Friday's terrorist attack in Christchurch.


Last Friday? That Friday was 4 weeks ago you morons, you can't even be bothered to update the canned response you give.


PATHETIC.. I have Aussie Broadband getting installed Monday, can't wait, then I'm going to cancel both of my phones.


Please, please, please try and chase my for cancellation fee, I really want to see you in court.



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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor


As you have chosen to take the matter to the TIO directly without following the complaints management policy, I would expect the TIO to refer you back to Optus to try and actually resolve your complaint. Even if the TIO accepts your complaint, you force everyone at Optus to go "We'll pass this on to your complaints manager" and they won't touch your account with an active complaint.


As the content restriction was put in place with specific reasons, I highly doubt this gives you grounds to cancel your service without a fee. And just remember taking them to court, they've got more high paid lawyers than you could imagine, it would be an expensive venture.

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