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Bye bye Optus

Optus has finally pissed me off. I received a letter from Optus today telling me that as of the 1st of November I will no longer have cable internet or the phone, I am supposed to go on the NBN??? AND, I will have to pay the same amount for the service and start paying for phone calls which have been a part of the deal I have had now for YEARS.


This NBN is, for all intents and purposes, CR*P. Finally, after the 20 years I have been with optus, I am now being set free to either fend for myself or, get stuck with this CR*PPY NBN??? I choose none. AT my age, I don't really need the Net anyway so, optus, I don't know the deal you people did with the government over this NBN sh*t but, I bet there is a lot of $$$$ in it for  you????


Bye bye Optus and your crappy service.

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Re: Bye bye Optus



FWIW its worth, Optus has no choice in the matter either. The NBN is a national project and all existing internet technologies are either being shut down, upgraded or replaced. Optus cable is now owned by NBN Co and is scheduled to be completely torn down in 3 years. So everyone will be moving to the NBN or (as you are) leaving.


Optus are also tied in pricing a fair bit as they now have to buy internet connections from the NBNCo at the prices the NBNCo set. To fund the rollout to country and city areas, prices are rising a bit.


You have several other options though. If you don't need the internet much then Optus have a $60 NBN plan which you can add on $10 for unlimited calls nation wide. That should be comparable to what you're now paying?


Alternatively, do you have a recent mobile phone? Optus will give you 15Gb of monthly data and unlimited call nationwide for $40 a month. You can set the phone to act as a wireless modem (hotspot) and connect your computer to it to browse the web, email etc. (Or just do it all on your phone). You can also get a second SIM for an iPad if you want for just one off $5 that will share the 15Gb data and just browse the web from there.


Lastly, The NBN coming now means you are free to pick any ISP provider to join. Optus no longer have a monopoly on the cable. So have a look around and see if some other providers don't have a plan at a price that you like?




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Bye bye Optus

Sorry to hear @pendaws that you are  planning to leave Optus. As mentioned by @petergdownload  (thanks Peter)this is something that's not controlled by Optus. Yes you are free to choose your ISP but we would recommend contact us here → so that we can compare your current plan with our NBN plans. 

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