Business data only sim static IP


I have two sims on a business plan.  I have applied for and recieved confirmation that static Ip have been applied.

I waas told to ring Tech support for the IP addresses. I have done that. The Ip start with 161. So that is what i needed.

I am using Dlink DWR 921 modems, but cannot get the static IP to appear.

The apn is yesbusinessip, username and password is optus/optus. Mode is auto ( should this be 3G?)


Any other set up advice would be appreciated.

I didnt get a lot of help from Dlink, they just said to reboot/reset etc.





Re: Business data only sim static IP


Static IPs are only available on 3g so setting the router to 3g may help - not sure if that apn allows 4g or not (which would cause an issue if it did).



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Re: Business data only sim static IP


Thanks for that info


 what apn works for this static ip


cheers jc




Re: Business data only sim static IP


I had exactly the same problem

 Optus told me i needed a buisness plan and that the static ip would be 3g

I was assigned an IP - but neither my 3g dongle or my 4g dongle(in 3g mode), fully configured will all settings, would not connect to yesbusinessip apn.

I found out that the apn was not enabled for the think they would do that when they assign you the ip... but they dont.

I was transferd from department to department and spent hours on the phone - each time they said it would be fixed within 4hours...

After weeks of doing this I gave up and changed it back to a consumer plan, the customer dept tells you you need a business plan, you get one, then the business dept tells you that you dont need a business plan and transfers you back to the consumer dept... 

The system is foobar - i literally made over 30phone calls - some of them lasting for 2hours - i should send optus a bill for time wasted. This should take 1 phone call - apparently no one knows what they are doing at optus in regards to getting a 3g static ip!


Ask if yesbusinessip is enabled on your account.

Ask when its going to be enabled.

Re: Business data only sim static IP


and I have exactly the same problem.

Had Optus-branded E3131 working fine on 3G for about 4 years, but it was getting a bit slow. So I upgraded to an Optus-branded E3372. Connects fine to 4G. Speed jump impressive but ... two steps forward, one step back. IP addressing is shot to pieces.


(Unlike some people? the new dongle connects to the mobile network just fine using the pointless APN of 'yesbusinessip'. I just don't get an actual static IP address.)


So I have the choice of choosing between improved speed with degraded functionality and slower speed with current working functionality. Customer dissatisfied.


I assume that there's nothing in the short term that anyone can do about this but based on a number of other posts about the same topic, it is clear that there is a demand for 4G with a static IP address.

I don't speak for anyone else but I would be willing to pay a modest amount more each month to have a static IP address (as I do with A.N.Other ISP).


I understand that IPv4 addresses are basically exhausted - and that is part of the reason for ceasing to offer static IP addresses - but in that case for the love of ghod start supporting IPv6 (as I have with A.N.Other ISP).


In fact the total number of IPv4 addresses in use doesn't change because I am happy to move my IPv4 address from the old 3G dongle to the new dongle. :-)

Re: Business data only sim static IP


No response having been forthcoming, I have gone back to 3G.

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