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New Contributor David_Antuar
New Contributor

Bulk emails

I have a client that is a real estate business that has a 4g connection to optus.  We send out statements to clients at the beggining of each month, we are having an issue with some emails not being recieved and no way of knowing if the client has recieved this email or not.

The amount sent is around 250 at a time and I thought that this might be seen as Spam and stopping messages because of this?

is there any way that you can look at logs and let us know if this is indeed the case and and we can try and talk to the software provider to see what we can do.


because we dont know how this is or isnt getting the emails thorough we are getting very unhappy clients.


alternativly is there a Bulk email address that we can send instead of



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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Bulk emails

250 Emails isn't a lot in the spam sense (who would casually send out a million at a time)


I suggest you look into setting up something on MAILCHIMP which has lots of email management and feedback options.


Alternatively, you can use a service to track if email has been opened. Read about it here. A simple one would involve setting up a gmail account and using Mailtrack




Peter Gillespie



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