Broadband network down Chelsea, Melbourne 12/01


Has anybody else had disruptions to their broadband internet service in Chelsea area, Melbourne. I have had an outage since 12/01 from around noon and it has been 24 hours since, the line is not up. Optus has taken their customer service numbers off easily accessible places (except for Sales... wonder why!). If finally you do locate a number after going through a treasure hunt and give them a call and step through their honecomb maze of options, you either get told, to switch off the modem and back on and the call ends or you are advised there is a wait of an hour and a half!


Why can't outages be communicated proactively? Made visible prominently on the website? And what about the service disruption? How is that compensated?

Re: Broadband network down Chelsea, Melbourne 12/01


Hey @Pingabhi, sorry to hear you had some trouble getting through to us. Has your internet been restored since posting? If there is an outage in your area it will be displayed on our Network Status page here. If there is an outage you can report your fault and we will SMS you updates as we have them. In regards to compensation, you may be eligible for our Customer Service Guarantee, more info can be found here

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