Broadband draining data by the minute


Today we activated our home mobile broadband and within half and hour the modern said we had use 1gb but we had literally done nothing no downloads nothing.


Fast forward 1.5 hours later and we have used almost 6gb. No downloading no visiting any websites no updates nothing. We isolated all the devices and it comes down to my husband android phone that is literally ticking over the data by the second. I called optus after 1 hour and speaking to 2 people they hung up or it cut out and I didnt call back. I dont get why or how we used 6gb in 1.5hrs doing absolutely nothing. 


Can anyone please help? We have gone through his phone and changed all the settings so no apps are using back ground data etc weve been researching online and trying to figure it out but at a loss. 

Re: Broadband draining data by the minute


Android phones usually have their own internal data usage. Has the phone reported 6 Gb downloads? What app does the phone say is using the data?


What does the Optus App or MyAccount data usage say on what app is downloading data?




Peter Gillespie

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