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Howdy - we are on a $90 broadband plan with 2 mobile phones and have been for quite some time. Now that we have finished extending our house the Netgear modem we have doesn't seem to have coverage to all points. to save me purchasing a booster is it possible to get a modem upgrade or do i need to purchase a new one? My father seems to receive upgrades from Telstra constantly yet I need to put a request in via a forum?

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Its unlikely any modem Optus supplies will improve your wifi range - its essentially a base model. On top of this the current modem has had numerous reports of poor wifi. The new modem does add 5GHz speeds though. 


I'd suggest looking into:


1) A mesh system (Google Wifi?)

2) A booster (Halves bandwidth speed for the increased range)

3) A good router to use just for wifi (Personally I like the Asus A86U)

4) Power over Electricity as sold by Optus


If you want to request a new modem and are a long time customer then you should just call. Its a fair chance they'll send you one (free or very cheaply)


Peter Gillespie

Re: Broadband Modem Upgrade


also consider wiring your new extension with Cat6 ethernet cable, once the area is wired up then use one of the free modem that your dad got from telstra as an access point in the new area. You will get much better speed, reliable and stable connections. 

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