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Broadband Issue

Hi there, I have a Optus Broadban cable service in Maroubra Sydney. I DO NOT have Internet service for over 7 days. Prior tp taht I ahd lots of network drop out issues. 

This has caused me great grief esp as it happened over the long weekend.
I am unable to watch movies I planned to watch. My child at Uni is uanble to complet her assignments and Uni work impacted.

I was originally told it was my Modem issue and since it was over the long weekend he can only come out after 4 days. Only to be told by him that it is a network issue.

So it is not 7 days past I have not service.

How can I escalate it to one of the Senoir managers?
Can thsi be forwarded to Allen Lew please?
I am not the only one in my suburb who has been impacted.

I ahve been a customer since 2000. Now thinking of moving. Any suggestings where I can go to please Crowd.



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Re: Broadband Issue

Hi @Denho, sorry to hear that you've had some trouble with your connection there 😞 
I've had a look at the suburb and I can see that we did have a couple of interruptions listed but they've both been restored/cleared.

Can you please confirm if you've since been provided with a fault ref # that we can chase up for you? 


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