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I'm currently an optus customer (mobile & home broadband).  Looking to change my current broadband bundle.  I was looking at the option of $110 plan.  My understanding is that it offers unlimited data, unlimited standard and national calls, unlimited mobile calls.  Being an existing optus customer, does that mean insteard of $110 a month, it will actually be $90 a month?  Also how can the $240 credit be used?


I also have an ABN number for my small business, do you have any other suggestions for broadband bundles?




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Hey @Hank82,


You are correct with all those inclusions. And yes as long as you have a mobile service with optus and place the Broadband Bundle under the same account name and address of your mobile service, you are eligible for the $20 discount.


With the current $240 credit promotion, the $240 credit will be put onto your account and will cover the cost of billing until it runs out. Keep in mind this deal ends on the 30/10/16, is for new Broadband connections and gets applied on your first bill. Another thing to keep in mind is the set up cost, you may be looking at a $125 set up fee so the credit can help offset that.


This is all really dependant on the place you want it set up. If it being an NBN connection, I think they waive the set up cost but you could be looking at a $300 installation fee if you don't have the NBN equipment installed at your premise. 


If you have an ABN, there are some office bundles also available here: 

Enter your business address and see what's available for you.


I highly recommend chatting to an Optus Business Specialist here:

They'll be able to recommend what is best for you. Smiley Happy


Hope this all helps.



Re: Broadband Bundle


Hi @Hank82, Just to clarify, the $240 credit is for new customer's only and not available to re-contracting customers.

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