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New Contributor Sambit
New Contributor

Broadband Activation Date


I had applied for a broadband connection on 25/08 and was a given an activation date of 20/09/2017 -  a whole month.

I have been following up with the preactivation team and have been assured of the activation on the same day and was asked to be at home for a technician visit.


But on the evening of 20/09 after setting up the modem we find out that the service has not been activated . Till that point there is no communication from the OPTUS team on the service activation.  On calling and going through multiple teams it was informed that the wholesale team ( to whom the technicians belong) cannot be contacted anymore and may be the services will be activated by 22/09.


The sad part is a complete lack of professionalism by the tech support team and an absence of esclation mechanism.


Does any one know how to esclate this further. It has been  long and frustrating and I had to take a leave to wait for the technician.



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RetiredModerator Nam_L

Re: Broadband Activation Date

Afternoon Sambit, 


Thanks for reaching out to us here. Sorry to hear that you NBN installation hasn't been so smooth 😞 


Have you since heard anything further from the NBN activation team? If not, please send us a PM here → confirming your order number, installation address, full name and DOB. 



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