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New Contributor Dolon
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Bridging 2 sagemcom modems


I have 2 Sagemcom gateway f@st 3864AC ADSL

Modems. Can I bridge these two modems and make my wifi network stronger?



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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
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Re: Bridging 2 sagemcom modems

2xF@st 3864AC , how did you scored that? Maybe sell one and get a better AC router/AP. What you can do is run a long ethernet cable from Router1 Lan port to Router 2 lan port. Allocate a MAC -> IP for router 2. Set up static IP address to match the fixed IP addres from Router 1, turned off DHCP on router 2 and make sure the SSID are different on both routers. If you are thinking of using it for Roming Profile or Mesh network, then this wont work. You will be better off selling one of the modem and get a Mesh network (netgeat Orbi, Google wifi etc) or get the Distrubute wifi system like a Ubiqity etc.  

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