Block of Units - Everyone but me can get ADSL


Hi ,

I spoke to an operator regarding a new broadband connection, I have an existing Mobile service and I am relocating interstate so needed to check availability.

Units 1 - 12 in the unit block are able to get ADSL but my unit doesn't appear on Optus's system, I was told to call and when I did was
told nothing could be done which doesn't make sense since all my neighbours in the  same block are able to get connected.


I spoke with Telstra who offered to have their technicians arrange a new connection but I would prefer to stay with Optus....Is there any way to have this looked into, it is not a new unit so it seems strange everyone else around me can get service.


Re: Block of Units - Everyone but me can get ADSL


Hey dylo - we can definitely check out the address for you again however it sounds like maybe there hasn't been an internet connection there for a while so the line may have been disconnected in the street. If Telstra are saying they'd need to connect a fully new service this is probably the case but if you can PM me the address I can check it out, also if the owner/ real estate agent happens to have an old number that was connected there at some point that would help too.

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