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Block nuisance emails



I am getting emails from an organization that is SPAM Act exempt, and does not offer a facility to unsubscribe me in their email footers. I have contacted them directly,  and they refuse to unsubscribe me, as they are SPAM Act exempt.


I use Optus webmail exclusively. I try to flag these as spam, but they keep coming.


Two questions: 

Optus, what are my options to stop those emails coming?

What does that "report spam" button even do?




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Re: Block nuisance emails

Hmm I was receiving emails for months from some crazy Citizens Electoral Council of Australia and political groups are apparently exempt from the spam act. Unfortunately for them their hosting provider did not take too kindly to this group sending out spam and a couple of politely worded emails finally got these clowns the boot. So depending on who is hosting these spammers you may be able to appeal to their hosting provider directly.


On your second question I am not sure what the report spam button does but I suspect it would take multiple reports before the emails are automatically sent to the spam folder. The fact that you are using webmail only limits you to what Optus provides so it might be time to look at using your own mail client that will give you much more control.


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