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Hi, would it be possible to pay my bill fortnightly as I am on a pension and it would be a lot easier to manage. Thanks


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I asked the same question (with out the pension bit) when I signed a contract a couple of years ago. The bills are monthly and theres no way around that. Optus can't / won't work around your requirements but it is easy to do this yourself! 

If you're on a contract and your bill is roughly the same amount each month then make your own payment every fortnight! (Mine was $80/month so I would Bpay $40/fortnight to Optus) by the time my bill was sent to me I either had to make the  next $40 payment or it had been paid a couple of days earlier depending on when my pay was due or when the bill was due.


I'm still doing this now with my mobile and NBN accounts with optus. So long as Optus are paid whatever is owed to them before the due date they are happy.

I had my account nearly $300 in credit for a while there. I was paying a bit extra each fortnight to get a head of the bill knowing I was going to be without work for a couple of months. You can always have extra money sitting in credit in your account. Strangely it doesnt seem to work the other way when I owe them money :-)

Hope that helps - Cheers



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Thanks for your reply Steve it was very helpful. Cheers Carol

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I received a text message from optus for $9.19...the funny thing is I had paid that amount more than 10 business days ago... When I logged into my myoptus account it said my account was close and I had $0 owing... Then why did I receive a text message saying I owed $9.19? Nobody knows. What makes things worst is that they text on a Friday close to the close of business hours preventing me from contacting them about the text they sent. I can only conclude that this is speculative bill. Something the ombudsman should investigate.

 I shod add that I had recently transfer my service to another provider a more than a month. This may make the transfer of information difficult... But please track my payment appropriately!

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Hi @Speculativebill, really to hear that you've received this message Smiley Sad

It definitely odd, have you been able to get this resolved? It may be an automatic SMS that was created before the balance cleared on our end but I'd be happy to take a look. Can you please PM me with your account number, full name and DOB for ID purposes? 

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Ist Question  Why is optus so hard to contact 

I have tried for  2 weeks to ring and get the same recorded message  ( The storms in NSW are making us busy 60 MIN DELAY.


I have tried every day for 2 weeks and get the same message.

All I want is to find out why I am being Charged $85- per month for an $70- contract

My account is a few months in advance so I will have ti wait for this to be used up.

I cant complain about optus service as there is none


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