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Just when I thought I would not have cause to lodge another complaint  . . . And while this complaint has been directly forwarded to Customer Relations, I am posting it here, sharing with others with same issues, and forewarning others. I use YesCrowd to express dissatisfaction rather than expect solutions.

I have just viewed my latest bill on-line (issue date 7 Feb 2019) and see that Billing has NOT updated my account.
I am still being charged for my previous Optus account for 09807XXXX ($115 Phone and BB Bundle). This again has appeared on my current bill as a recurring charge.
Do not Optus's records show that I had organised a Home Transfer back on 22 November and had the transfer activated on 7 December for  09540XXXX (service Optus Ultra)?
Do not Optus records show that the landline for 09807XXXX (the phone number BEFORE the home transfer)  had been switched to Telstra on 7 December 2018?
So, currently I am back to my initial enquiries with Billing back in January (9th and 10th) and my subsequent complaint to Customer Relations.
I note that in your response to me, you point out:  “I have confirmed with our customer service team that this phone number is still in pending disconnection. Have you confirmed with Telstra if they have already completed the port in request? Once Telstra completes the port in request, the account gets cancelled in our end and the charges from the date it has been transferred will be reversed.
Quite frankly, I am at a complete loss that there is a “pending disconnection”. I organised with Optus a home transfer. This simply means that 09807XXXX no longer exists as part of MY CURRENT account with Optus. Telephone line was disconnected with Optus. I am not responsible for Telstra and whether they have completed their “completion of a port request”. My understanding is Telstra has (I did phone Telstra back in January to confirm). The problem is with Optus. It is for Optus to sort out, not me.
Bottom line: I have only ONE account with Optus, not two.  I was of the understanding as of 10 January that this issue had been sorted out with Billing and that my next bill in February will reflect my actual bill. It appears this is not the case.
It seems to me that the ONLY course of action I have, since billing has yet to correct this, despite their assurances, is to change providers. It seems to be me the only way to be rid of these erroneous bills and be done, once and for all, with this ridiculous on-going to-and-fro’ of never-ending complaints.
How can anyone remain with a Provider when their billing team are unable to supply accurate bills and overcharging their customers?
I see no point in phoning Billing directly - the wait time is in excess of 30 minutes, and based on previous experiences, a waste of time. As is trying to have the matter dealt with on Chat 24/7.
So, before I do anything (which will inevitably  include changing providers and taking my on-going grievances to Management Level, and the Ombudsman for Telecommunications - this is not intended as a ‘ threat', but letting Optus know my ONLY remaining options ), I will wait to hear back from you regarding this matter. My Optus bill should only show the following charges:
Service summary: 09540XXXX, Optus Ultra. $75.
I fail to understand how any company can get it so wrong and not address the billing issues raised and for which they had guaranteed would be sorted by next billing period.

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Billing - part 2

It is now 9:44 am. I have been trying to connect with Optus Billing since 8:55am.

Unfortunately 133937 s not a direct line so there’s about 10 minutes wasted time trying to establish a connection.

When you finally do, there’s an incredibly long waiting period. You ALL KNOW THIS!

Nevertheless, when I finally connected with Billing the Rep was unable to resolve or answer my enquiry (why am I being charged for two accounts when I only have one - see my previous Post dated 10 Feb) and transferred me to the Management Team to address the matter. Unforuntately, another long waiting period resulting in disconnection from Optus’s end. 15 minutes later I decided they’re not getting away with this and have called again, going through the same connection process. I’m still waiting to hear a human voice as I type this missive. I wonder whether I should walk into an Optus store and get them to sort it out - but I doubt very much they’ll be able to do anything since Chat 24/7 are unable to.

Why am I persisting with Optus given my cumulative bad experiences? Simple: accountability. And to be fair, Customer Relations have been good in trying to resolve issues, but still waiting to hear back on this matter.

I will, later, compose my letter to the Telecommunications Ombudsman and attach all my documentary evidence. I will post (not email) it. I will send same to Optus Management. Then, I will carefully consider options regarding other Providers (who will be tested regarding call response times and Rep’s knowledge and communication skills). 

It is now 10:00 am and I am still waiting. By the way, has anyone noticed that Optus no longer offers the option of a team member to “call back within 30 minutes”? While I wait, I may as well see what Chat 24/7 can do - based on previous experience, nothing! But it will pass the tome while I wait (who knows, I may strike lucky).


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Re: Billing - part 2

Ha! That was a waste of time. Chat 24/7 was busy and waited over 15 minutes; by the time someone responded I was FINALLY put through on the phone! 

I was assured the fault was Optus!s and they would fix it by next billing date. Since I’ve lost all faith and trust, I won’t hold my breath. Thank God I had the foresight to cancel direct billing.

Optus website is a mess.  Phoning is a mess and a nightmare.  Chat 24/7 is next to useless. YesCrowd is okay, but you’re not dealing with official Optus customer service reps. Optus has turned into a monster that will eventually explode through implosion.

I do hope other Providers are taking note of  Optus infrastructure (as well as Telstra’s) and working towards not creating more monsters!

Don’t for a minute think I’m being unfair or unreasonable; just read the long, long, never-ending complaints and issues on YesCrowd. It’s frightening.

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