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Have just received my bill for this month and Optus have put a $2 charge on it because I do not direct pay.i pay my bills on time by BPay from a debit A/c.I was not informed of this new charge.when I contacted Optus the operator after much discussion and requesting the supervisor said she would remove the charge this time but it would be back on my next bill.Would like to know if any one else has had this forced on them and do they have the wright to have your bank details.?



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Re: Billing

It is clearly stipulated in the CIS that if you receive a paper bill and are not on direct debit, then a $2.00 direct debit fee applies. You can see this by going to and selecting your plan.


It has been in place for quite a lengthy period of time and isn't anything new. You may have not been charged it in the past in error, but they've probably caught up during the migrations.

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Re: Billing

Optus T&C's make it quite clear there is a $2 fee for paper bills or paying bills. They provide free options for both. Email bills and direct debit. If you don't want to set up a direct debit then you'll need to pay the $2 processing fee.


Note you can cancel a direct debit unilaterally any time. You should also get your bill a week or so before it is debited so you can review any charges then.


Peter Gillespie