Billing issue every month


Ive been having trouble with wrong bill ammounts (of course always over the price, never under) and it takes ages to get to talk to someone from customer services.

In other hand , when i direct my call to sales , it surprisingly go straight to an attendant.

Ive already spent 10+ hours of my life trying to solve simple things, but it seems that optus dont give a sh*t for their customers.

I would never recommend you for anybody.

Re: Billing issue every month


 Hey @tomastapera, sorry we couldn't get to this one sooner.


We can always try and help out from our end. 


Are you missing a discount that was meant to have been applied upon signing up? Or you are being charged for something that you thought was included in the cost of your rate plan.

When you get a chance, you're welcome to PM us with your account information. Also include a summary of the enquiry.


We'll need your full name, DOB and account number.

We won't be able to get to you right away but send your details through and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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