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Billing dispute

I am trying to dispute a Bill. I have been charged for services I don't have any record of using (13/1300 numbers) and Optus has been unable to identify whom they believe I called (the only 1300 number I have a record of calling is Optus). I have tried to talk to Optus about this through there "Live chat" option but only found unhelpful and passive aggressive responses from the other side. Searching through the Optus website I can only find billing number for a 0900-1800 Monday to Friday line, however I work through these hours all days a week and cannot waste time on hold to try and get this bill figured out. 


Can someone please tell me how I can put this bill into disputment before it passes the due date (as I'm not paying a charge for something that Optus will not provide any proof that I used).

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Re: Billing dispute

Try calling the Billing Team on 1300300937 and ask to Speak to a Team Leader if your not happy, if they still cant not resolve the issue ask to lodge a complaint and get a reference number for the esculated complaint to have it case managed.  You could also try contacting Optus via Social Media, via Facebook Messanger or Twitter to raise the issue as well.