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Bill payment without Bill!



           I have opted for Mobile phone(iphone7 plus with mobile plan 125$) + home broadband bundle(80$ with 20$ discount being optus customer) in mid october 2016. I have received and paid advance bill for mobile given mobile is functional, but internet was not activated. A technician came around 20th October and said tagging was not done, left. Nobody turned up after that but Optus dared to send across a consolidated bill for a whopping 350$ when the internet service is not installed in the first place. I was expecting a 125$ bill, mind you, given my mobile connection is working fine. Not sure whether Optus thought i can be taken for a ride or a fool. The best part is i had to call customer care atleast 20+ times so far spending close to several hours without a solution yet. Let's guess its 06 Dec 2016 today and issue is not sorted yet. Internet is finally activated on 26/Nov/2016 whence the technician came but when i talk to Optus they prefer 24/Nov/2016 as installation for reasons only God knows.


          Best i was offered is some credit but Optus cannot send me a revised bill because the billing system is automated or for whatever reason. I have no intention of paying anything until a bill is sent. It is an action for fraud to ask a customer to pay bill without one. But still Optus dared to give me an automated call to get my bill paid in 7 days. I would easily brand this as the most pathetic customer experience in my life so far and i am done with Optus. I have been inspired enough to take every necessary action to ask folks to not join Optus for any reason. I did the biggest blunder of opting for Optus only to be fooled by brand name.


         Now i would like to know the process to cancel my Optus connections ( mobile phone + broadband ). I am done with spending hours with your IVR and customer support executives. I would like to take this to Consumer protection tribunal for arbitration if am charged with any excess fees.

Re: Bill payment without Bill!


Apologies for the experience,  Rigormotris. Definitely not what we'd like to be known for at Optus, especially being new to us, we understand it doesn't create a great first impression. 


I would love the opportunity to go through your account and review where we've gone wrong and provide you with assistance to your enquiries. For me to look into your account, I would need you to confirm your mobile number, full name and DOB.



Re: Bill payment without Bill!


Hi Nam_L,
I have responded with my personal identifiers in a private message to you. I have posted the same issue to Optus support via email and got a scintillating response which depicts Optus intention to let the customer disconnect the service than resolving it. To set the context i myself deal with critical customer facing situations at work and i can positively confirm that Optus processess / standards are way way way below par!!!. Not sure where i spotted Optus as a premium service provider and why i switched!

Optus response:

Hi Hari Krishna,

Hello! Good day!

I hope you’re doing well upon receiving this e-mail.

Thanks for taking some time to send us an email about your recent experience with Optus.

Optus endeavours to always provide the best customer experience and it is of our concern to hear that we did not meet your expectations in this instance. We put the highest regard on customer experience and your feedback will definitely be used to improve our services and retrain our staff.

I would be glad to pass on your feedback to our upper management so they could review our process for future improvements.

It is very saddened to hear that you are leaving Optus soon because issue cannot be resolved.

I hope you would still give us another chance to overturn this experience, as we value you as our customer and an important family member of Optus.

Upon investigation you spoke with Nikhilesh last 30 Nov 2016 about the Billing Dispute with the bill issued 10/11/16, he informed that the startup fee charge is different for Fault so he offered and applied $80.00 credit to the account. He also informed that we're unable to send a revised bill, and you will be able to see the credit applied on the next bill issue date (which is 10/12/16). Just to set up your expectation the bill is issued every 10th of the month and due date is after 14 days.

I can see here the current balance is $262.98 which was due last 24/11/16. If you’re unable to settle the said
amount we can offer a payment extension also to prevent suspension until 21 days from the time you contact us via phone or chat. Please be advised that
• You may still incur a late payment fee
• Payment reminder letters or text messages may still be sent
• Not keeping a payment arrangement may result in the service being restricted
• If the service is not suspended - you don't have to call back to advise of payment
• Post Paid Mobile usage alerts can assist in tracking usage
• 1509 can be dialled from your Optus Mobile to make a payment arrangement using self-serve
• You can also make payment arrangements in My Account

However if you still wish to cancel your Home Phone/Internet and Mobile Service. To better assist you with this issue we recommend you ring our Home Phone/Internet and Mobile Cancellation Team at 1300555241 Mon - Wed: 8:00am - 7:00pm EST Thur - Fri: 8:00am - 8:00pm EST Sat: 9:00am - 6:00pm EST Sun: Closed Public Holidays: Closed on National Public Holidays or chat via link: for Mobile Cancellation Team.

Have a great day!


Optus E-mail Servicing

Re: Bill payment without Bill!


One thing strange i have spotted is Optus customer communications are usually one way. I replied back to several of these emails and awaiting response forever. There is no clear instruction on how to reply back either!.


For the above post i have responded back and still awaiting feedback!


Hi Mitzi,

           I would like to continue my service if this issue can be resolved. There were couple of issues that i have with what is being offered.
1. How do you expect me to pay without a revised bill? I can offer to pay on receipt of the revised bill. If you can't get your billing system to generate the bill the only option we have is for me to wait up till next billing cycle.
2. Until then i cannot be charged any late payment fee. Note this is an issue with your system you cannot apply this on your customer. 
3. As per your mail you understand the bill amount is sorted with Nikhilesh on 30/11/16 but you are telling me the due date is 24/11/16 that doesn't seem to make sense to me. Not to mention internet connection itself was setup only on 26/11/16 regardless of how Optus calls it ( Setup activation or technical issue ).
4. I have also agreed to pay 262$ which includes setup fee in november bill though i don't have to take that in november bill. Reason being that numbers came up in November bill by your erroneous system thinking setup was complete in 24/10/16 where in it was completed only on 26/11/16. In other words i am being asked to pay Advance bill in Advance!!!. Ideally this should appear only in December bill. 
              I am willing to relinquish point 4 if point 1, 2 and 3 can be sorted from your end. Please help back with your response.

Thanks & Regards,
Hari Krishna

Re: Bill payment without Bill!


Hey Hari, I have just responded to you PM.

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