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New Contributor

Been without Internet for 3 weeks.

Currently been without NBN for close to 3 weeks no with no resolution in sight.


Numerous phone calls to support has yielded no help with technicians saying the issue has been resolved (when it hasn't).


When we troubleshoot the connection it asks to complete the login process even though the modem startup screen shows username and password are entered. When we try to login in it says 'Invalid Session Key'.


The Optus modem is showing no fibre light and no phone light, power and up/down stream are lit up on the NBN modem.


Would really like this resolved as soon as possible as this is now beyond a joke with how long this has taken to be resolved.



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Re: Been without Internet for 3 weeks.

Hey @Quentris, that sure is a long time to be down, my apologies for the issues getting this resolved. Do you have a recent fault number I could check? These begin with 18 and are typically sent via SMS.


Please feel free to send me a private message if you prefer to discuss privately.

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