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New Contributor klv273
New Contributor

Bad ping while playing games in the last few days.



Recently while playing games, I have been getting really bad pings of over a 100 to up to 800+. The ping I normally get while playing on local servers are around 15-30, so currently the bad ping makes online gameplay unplayable. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem?


I am currently on Optus' ultimate cable, plugged in directly via an ethernet cable (have tried different cables), and using the modem/router that Optus originally provided (netgear cg300). I have yet to try a different modem/router at the moment as I don't have access to another one yet.


This occurs even when only one computer is on the internet. I have also tested playing games on different computers, as well as different games (Overwatch, CS, Destiny 2, etc.)


Sometimes restarting the modem fixes it, but other times the ping will still be bad and all over the place. At times, it seems to recover to a healthy ping too. I have tried using different cables and different network switches, as well as directly to the modem with no luck. In general, just very unstable all over the place.


Doing a speedtest however on does return a postive result. It only while gaming or using voice chat do I have a bad experience.


Would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me.

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Re: Bad ping while playing games in the last few days.

@klv273, thanks for reaching out.


So the issue isn't isolated to specific gaming servers. They're all servers hosted in AUS? They're not US, Asia Pacific or European servers? Have you tried running a traceroute? We should be able to determine if it's a routing issue. There might be one specific server on the path that's taking longer than usual to respond.

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