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Ihave to install nbn by cut off date in my area in Oct . Before I make an actual appointment with optus, to do the work, can I apply for an inspection so that I know what work has to be done in or outside my property, prior to the work being carried out.? Do I contact optus or nbn about it. It is important for me to know what will be required to run the cable or whatever. I cannot have the cable run outside in my drive way cause it is fully tiled and I will not agree to any work being done if my tiles have to be broken away as I cannot get any replacements . I want to know if they can run things from under the house and if the work can be done from inside I want to know what that will involve. I would like to know all of the above before I book for the actual work to be done. Can anyone advise me on this ? Thank you LILLIAN

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Before any of that can be answered we need to know what NBN technology you will be getting. 


Please tell us from here


Also are you Optus cable or adsl now? What suburb are you in?


Peter Gillespie