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B818 Firewall and Speed



I was wondering if someone could tell me if the Huawei B818 firewall diminishes speed?

I have it connected to a Unifi USG which already has a firewall and the B818 doe not have wi-fi turned on (acting as modem only) so wondering if:

  1. There are any issues security wise from turning off the firewall in the B818; and 
  2. Would this increase the speed of the B818?


Also, what is the best way to see the speed that the B818 is achieving? Mine has all three LED's lit up but the speeds I see through the device dashboard seem to be low.

B818 dashboard.PNG

What should I be expecting to see here given the capabilities of the device?

Checking to see if an external (outdoor) Antenna would be worthwhile.


@Tigers1719 thought you might know this one?

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Re: B818 Firewall and Speed


The device dashboard is an interactive measurement. Check the dashboard when doing a Speedtest or large download.

Is the image in your post is of your setup?  My setup has a  red circle with a reverse ! and the wifi  symbols are greyed out. 

Someone who has a similar setup to you maybe able to confirm but to me it looks like your B818 WiFi is still active. 

My setup is B818 with the Wifi turned off ethernet cable B818 WAN  to WAN port TPLINK Wireless Router.  Firewalls are active on both my devices.

I know very little about aerials but I had a B525 with this setup and never saw a 100 download with a Speedtest.  Not long after I got the B818 I tried a download from work we had a zip file of just over 1 Gb and it downloaded in around 3mins late at night.

I think Whirlpool maybe a good alternative for information on aerials and the B818.

My Optus.pngSpepdtest.png 

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