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New Contributor kevzz90
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Avondale Heights 3034 Wireless Internet Speed & Mobile

Hi Crowd, 

Im currently living in Avondale Heights and use to live in Maribynrong, Does anyone else in the area face very slow internet speed for wireless boardband? At time im only reaching 2mbps and maxing at 12mbps. 


Anyone else facing slow speeds in the area?



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Re: Avondale Heights 3034 Wireless Internet Speed & Mobile

Might be worth calling support given you've mentioned it maxing out at 12Mbps. They used to cap speeds on home wireless broadband to 12Mbps in some areas depending on the spectrum available. You might still be getting restricted to that speed for some reason.


That said, dropping to 2Mbps could just mean it's the area, your location in relation to the tower etc so hopefully some other locals can provide input

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