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New Contributor

Re: An acknowledged Optus stuff up that I need resolved ASAP

I changed to Optus with an iPhone I originally purchased from T. With my new Optus SIM it connected to Wifi Calling without any issues. Then I bought a Pixel 2, without checking if Optus had chosen to support it because it didn't even occur to me that they wouldn't. And no, it doesn't work with either the native system or the useless "app".


Even better than this, T have just built a new tower so now we can get their mobile service without resorting to Wifi (maybe a booster antenna though).


I have 2 Optus post paid accounts, a data account and was just about to move my kids prepaid accounts to Optus. If Optus don't have support for the Pixel 2 very soon I will be moving the whole lot back to T.