Advertised ADSL2+ plans connected as ADSL


Recently got connected in Bondi Sydney after choosing a plan online. Checked my address and was told I can connect with ADSL2+. I chose the $60/m month on month seen here. Read though the critial information summaries and the important info which neither state these are ADSL plans or have limited bandwidth. 


So i'm connected getting 7.2Mbps constantly, in peak off peak no drop outs. I'm 1.1km as the crow flys and an optus team member tells me i'm 1.3km away from the Bondi exchange. 


He said the max speed is 8Mbps because i'm on the ADSL plan, hold up... He proceeds to tell me playing $80/m would get me faster speeds. 


By my knowledge I should be getting faster speeds, I have done all the trouble shooting on my end. If it was because of the distance I would see fluctuations during peak and non peak times. I used to tell people Optus are great..

Re: Advertised ADSL2+ plans connected as ADSL


Customer service people get confused to.


The term ADSL can be used to indicate ADSL or ADSL2+ these days. As the OPtus page says: Check out our ADSL Plans (They really mean ADSL 2+)


These plans are all interwoven with NBN plans these days and the $60 plan (if provided via NBN) is very speed limited. This doesn't apply if you're on ADSL2+. 


So its probable the customer service person had some mixed messages. 


The downside is its possible 7Mbps is the max you can get (on ADSL2+) - probably the average speed the tech provides.


I'd suggest you call again and talk through it again with another cust rep - you're likely to get different answers.




Peter Gillespie 

Re: Advertised ADSL2+ plans connected as ADSL


>>If it was because of the distance I would see fluctuations during peak and non peak times.


My dad is 4km from the exchange. His line goes 2.5mbs. You can see congestion hit hard at 6pm.


Re: Advertised ADSL2+ plans connected as ADSL


Really sorry for the delay in response and your internet speed issues @okaythen. There could be various factors affecting the internet speed and distance from the exchange is one of them specially for ADSL 2+ connections. Thanks for your input @petergdownload. Check out this article for some basic troubleshooting. If you still need help then speak to Tech Support here to investigate further. Kartik

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