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Address not showing up



I have moved into a new townhouse complex and was wanting to get cable as NBN is not available until late next year..

Have recently spoke to a person over the phone with the Optus team who advised I cannot currently get cable as the correct address is not registered in the Optus database. He pretty much sed i can put you on wireless not even offering me ADSL. I might as well go to Telstra.

I was wanting to go on cable and then flick across to the NBN on a 24 month contract.

I am at a roadblock as the complex is 12 townhouses. the address search shows Lot 2 and 8 have cable access but mine Lot 3 does not come up.

Being a new townhouse complex which was recently built, the new address is not showing up on Optus. Yet Gas and electricity have been able to find me.


Can someone within Optus sort this matter out given that the address has been registered and the strata plan is also registered to my lot?

Is it possible to get a drive by to check the connection / infrastructure. I have a coaxial coming from the street.



Thanks in advance

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Re: Address not showing up

@MickeyM - Really sorry about the delay in getting back to you there. Generally speaking, we compare new housing lots against our database to see whether it is serviceable for different Internet services. We do need to take into account infrastructural and environmental factors as well which can impact the types of service that is available at certain addresses. However, our Sales team can certainly take a look for you and put a request through to verify especially if your address is relatively new. Since this post have you had a chance to chat to someone who was able to look into this for you? If you're still needing a hand with this please chat to us here

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