Activation Details never sent

I've been trying to get my broadband connected but I never received a 'welcome letter' that the email and password I require are apparently in. I've been on hold for a couple hours yesterday and again today. It's a bit of a joke as I need to get connected because I study externally and this is causing major delays for me. How can I obtain this information so I can get this sorted?

Re: Activation Details never sent


Hey julzperri


You are correct in saying you should have received a welcome letter and if you need the username and password you will now need to call them however, if you are wanting to get online Optus' modem are now smarter than they used to be


Something you can try to get you online is this


1. Connect your modem to the wall socket and turn it on


2. Try and browse to a website like and this should direct you to a page tetled SERVICENET and it will possibly be asking for login details etc


3. If the above page does display leave it there and walk away for 10 mins


By doing this the modem SHOULD connect to Optus and authenticate, the final step should just be accepting the terms and conditions


If this doesnt work and/or you are wanting to know the email address which comes with your account them give them a call Smiley Happy


Wishing you all the best


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Re: Activation Details never sent

Thanks for your help JabbaJaws, unfortunately internet is still a no go and I've been on hold for over an hour and a half now, after being spoken to by a customer service rep who said "Sure I can help you with that," then promptly put me back on hold.

Not impressed and hoping someone takes my call and answers my query asap

Re: Activation Details never sent


Really not good to hear julzperri Smiley Sad What's was the update on this? We can follow up if needed.

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