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Accounts that provide webmail

I want to cancel all my Optus accounts (mobile, broadband/phone) but have webmail email addresses that will take a while and a lot of hassle to transition out of now. What plans let me retain webmail - only broadband/telephony or can I keep a mobile postpaid or prepaid even active to keep these going? Can the webmail accounts be switched to another account holder - I have a family member with NBN/telephony who is happy to host these but can I move them from one person to another (different service and bill)?

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Re: Accounts that provide webmail

I believe the minimum postpaid mobile broadband is what you need. I am not sure if you could transfer mail from one person to another and I would suggest speaking to support about.

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Re: Accounts that provide webmail

You need a home broadband plan to keep an Optus email address. 


Its possible a family member can claim your emails but probably a lot of hassle. 


I suggest you keep your broadband account open for another month. You can still connect to another provider but that gives you some wiggle room. FWIW its not actually that hard now days to transition emails:


1) Set up a google account

2) Set it to import all emails from Optus (past and future) - add a tag

3) Tell your contacts your gmail address

4) Look through the last 6 months and update email addresses 

5) Update major institutions, banks, utilities, etc.

6) Consider annual subscriptions (rego?)

7) Monitor the Inbox and anyone still sending to Optus gets notified.




Peter Gillespie

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