Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands

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I am paying $90+ a month in merrylands for appalling internet speeds, currently 1-2Mb/s everyday from 5:00 -10:30pm constantly, currently on Optus Cable 


These internet speeds are terrible and i believe optus has no intention of upgrading or adding nodes in the near future, is there any way this can be fixed otherwise it will have to resort to cancelling the service. If i knew i was going to get these speeds i would have stuck with TPG more reliant speeds and cheaper by at least a solid $30, well done optus .


P.S im on an entertainment bundle and after 3 months sign up i was promised a "fetch tv box" still has not arrived. I have also  called customer service about these speeds and they said "short maintenance speeds will be fine within a few hours", well obviously not. Absolutely appalling service optus


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Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands


I also live in merrylands and have optus cable broadband  with the worst speed ever, i am using my mobile internet while writing this, cant even open a page, called customer service many times but they just try to get rid of you, the last one i called said he cant do anything there is no solution and promised to call me back after 15 minutes once he talk to his supervisor about the issue but never called back, the speed is 1.05mbps with cable connected while the wifi is not even working. If optus cant provide any solution then i will definatley go with any other provider. 

Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands

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Same here. I was located in Wentworthville last year and they were happy to offer a partial refund and the service got fixed after a while.


But I've moved to Merrylands and we can only get full speeds briefly from 5am till about 8am. Even the operators recognised that. Was told they weren't going to bother fixing it and to get lost by the operator. They also said the wouldn't give a refund based on the fact that we knew there was congestion.


I think there are some bigger economics at play here. They won't warrant fixing the node because they think it's not worth it. Maybe until there's a drop in subscribers or if there are too many refunds are going out, they might finally think it's worth it to upgrade the little hamster running the wheel in the exchange.

Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands


Hey @MCAS, definitely not good to hear about all these issues with your service, especially for a cable connection. After Tech Support said the issue would be fine within a few hours did you report to them that it was not? They can open a case for you to investigate the line, if this has already been done, did they give you a reference number I could check out? If your service is being affected by congestion we can also sign you up for network upgrade notifications, feel free to send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB if that's something you'd be interested in. I'll also look into your Fetch delivery because that should definitely be with you by now!

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Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands


@Toomey ive sent a private message to your inbox

Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands


Also living in merrylands and getting similar speeds (1-2mbps) at all times for the last week or so. Might have to switch provider if this doesn't get fixed soon.

Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands


Hi @Toomey what about my account? Are you going to look into it and do something about it?


Re: Absolutely appalling internet speeds in Merrylands


Same here, have been told that this is due to fixed network congestion and we can't help...Smiley Sad

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