Abject frustration


Rob King

31st December 2018


Optus Corporate Office

1 Lyonpark Road

Macquarie Park

NSW 2113

Dear Sir

Please indulge me by reading about my abject frustration of having to climb out of the bureaucratic abyss that Optus has been dumping me in for the past five months.

In the first week of August I moved out of my home in Sydney where I had Optus cable with Optus Sport for which I paid $80 per month.

I now have two addresses. One in Sydney – where I have DSL. I visit this address only occasionally. The other address, my full-time residence, is where I have an NBN service.

When I moved to my Korora address on 10th August 2018 I connected the modem which I had brought with me from Sydney, as requested by the Optus employee I contacted to advise of my move, and was instantly connected to the NBN. A few days later, a courier delivered to me a new modem. I connected this using the username and password supplied with it (on a fridge magnet). I then had difficulty with my Fetch TV connection and access to English Premier League matches – the sole reason for me choosing Optus as my ISP. If another service provided access to the EPL I would have migrated to that back in August – but I’m at the mercy of Optus.  After a few phone calls over the next week, the Fetch TV access was rectified.

Next, I then received bills for two separate accounts listed for my Korora address. Obviously I don’t need duplicate services at one address – nor did I request it.

Despite many, many, many phone-calls to Optus I was unable to obtain any resolution. I usually got to speak to some nice, polite, charming person who would tell me that they understood and it would all be sorted. But nothing would in fact change. Despite assurances, no one at this stage ever rang me back. Several hours of my life on the phone that I’ll never get back.

With little alternative, I passed the complaint on to the TIO even though I regard the TIO as a toothless, limp apologist for the industry which pays its wages – definitely not worthy of the epithet ‘ombudsman’.. The TIO have since then done precious little to resolve my issues with Optus – I was placed in a very long queue (the communications industry has severe communication problems, it seems).


I have been contacted by some Optus operatives who have partly solved my issues, but none of them have followed through to ensure that everything is fixed – hence the present situation.

I eventually had one of my NBN services cancelled. However, it was the wrong one. So, for a few months I was being charged for an Optus Ultra service, with additional fees for Fetch and Optus Sport, over $20 more than the Optus Sport package I had agreed to in August 2017. I’m not sure if this has been rectified or not.

Whilst all this was going on I had no access to my online account with Optus. I rang and requested a resolution to this so that I could request email bills, set up direct debits and view charges and usage. Well, when I next entered my username and password for Optus I got a ‘Welcome’ screen – except it said “Welcome Stephen”. I wasn’t able to access my accounts, but I now knew the address, date of birth and phone number of some dude in South Australia. Luckily for him I had no intention of stealing his identity.

My online account is now accessible – well, partially. When I seek to view bills and payment history for my NBN account I get an ‘Oops’ screen.

Now I find I am unable to reconcile my MasterCard account with the bills for my  Sydney, account – some of the amounts differ. On 27th September the amount of $171.93 has been deducted from my MasterCard twice on the same day. As for my Korora account, I don’t seem to have paid any bills for months – and those are the ones that provoke the ‘Oops’ screen when I attempt access them.

I am sick of having anything to do with Optus. In September I brought my two mobile phones over to Optus from iiNet. One of the SIM cards was sent to Korora, the other to Sydney. Go figure that. When I queried this I was told to visit the nearest Optus shop and they would supply me with one. That really perplexed the shop assistant and took her about an hour to arrange.

A few days ago, on my latest bill for my Sydney address, charges had been added for Optus Sport at $15 per month – which I never requested. I visit this address about every two to three months for a few days at a time. If I need to access Optus Sport I can do so on my tablet.

I have never initiated legal action against any person or organisation – I’m seventy years old. But, unless someone can normalise my accounts very soon I see no alternative but to consult my solicitor with a view to litigation. This is bureaucratic persecution in the extreme. If it comes to it I will be seeking damages.

Checking online with the ‘Yes Crowd’ it’s obvious that I am not alone in being subjected to Optus’ abominable service. [I must point out that my Internet is great, I have no issues with my mobile phones, and if I need tech help I get a speedy, efficient, knowledgeable response – it’s the billing service that’s woeful].

I have gone to the trouble of laying before you the hassle, misery, frustration, time-wasting, abominable service provided to me by your pathetically useless, poorly trained, off-shore, customer service operatives – charming, friendly, polite chat is no substitute for actual effective action. One operative confided that when you call Optus you only ever get to speak with a Level 1 person, who has absolutely no authority to personally change anything. They can only pass on the issue. So I think a lot is lost in translation.  This is the firewall that Optus has surrounded itself with to deflect and remove itself from actually dealing with customers’ issues with honesty and integrity.

I am sending this letter by registered post to ensure its receipt is recorded. Should I fail to get a significant response to my frustrations within two weeks I will seek some resolution via my solicitor. Have no doubt that I will be posting this letter and all subsequent communications on the Yes Crowd’ forum. Also, my local MP and the Minister for Communications will be contacted if I don’t hear back from someone who has the authority and the nous to fix these simple issues.



Rob King



Re: Abject frustration


Thought you were referring to a Korea address and wondering how the heck that was possible Smiley Surprised


Optus: Great product (once working), Great pricing (once correctly billed) - finding the service to tie it all together seems the challenge.


Not sure litigation is of much use (expensive, time consuming and no definite outcome). If Optus aren't meeting contractual obligations then request to leave (penalty free). If not allowed then the TIO should be consulted. Perhaps a mod here can help (they are definitley not teir 1 support) but you seem to have an array of issues.


Good luck in the New Year


Peter Gillespie

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