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Occasional Contributor

ADSL2 WiFi Speed

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has been experiencing slower ADSL2 WiFi speeds?


I am finding my download/upload speed has been crawling more and more frequently.


Last SpeedTest

Upload - 4.18

Donwload - 0.41

Ping - 30ms

Jitter - 10ms



Whenever I call tech support they run their own speed test amd my speed suddenly improves.


This is happening more and more often. I pay $120 a month. I would be expecting better service than this?

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Honoured Contributor

Re: ADSL2 WiFi Speed

Wifi has nothing to do with your Optus service. Run your speed tests using a wired connection. The speed you determine there is the speed Optus is supplying. If you get slower speeds over wifi then that's an internal matter that we can help improve.




Peter Gillespie

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