ADSL2 Slow Speeds at Night


Hi guys. I have always had slower speeds at nights (from about 8 or so onwards) but the last few weeks has been unbearable. It is impossible to watch a YouTube clip for example without it pausing every couple of minutes - some nights it won't even last 30 seconds till it pauses again and again. 


It's at at a point where I am better off using my phone's data which kind of defeats the purpose of having home internet. 


I am located in North Melbourne - not sure if that makes a difference. 


Any suggestions of what I can do? I'm at the point of just cancelling internet connection altogether as it is pretty much unusable. 






Re: ADSL2 Slow Speeds at Night


It sounds like a congestion issue and unfortunately there is very little that you can do if it is. In the off chance there is a network problem or trouble with your line or equipment it would pay to have a word with support and see what they can come up with.

Re: ADSL2 Slow Speeds at Night


I get the same evening to night 4-5 mbps. I paid for 100. Post on Twitter and Facebook so new subscribers don't get tricked into Optus speed deals.

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