Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable. NO internet!


Nope.  But we have called tech support 4 times, and all that ever seems to happen is we all waste time.


I have spent the best part of an 8 hour day with tech support.



These problems have been happening since we signed up in September, so its been happening for 6 months.


Internet was so poor last night, we could even acess NetFlix, or TV (No Internet Connection)


I will ring these guys on Monday again, they can ask me to do an isolation test, reboot the modem, etc, give them remote access to the modem.  Then I may get a brief moment of good speed, they'll say its fixed, or they'll get a service tech to call me (which they have done twice before, and both times no one rang).


Marcel one of the moderators here, was helpful in that time, and even followed up.


So Monday I will ring tech support.  If this fails, we'll have no choice other then to make a formal written complaint, and contact the ombudsman.   I regret that it has come to this.   :-(


I will update this thread on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable. NO internet!


Please do let us know how you go NewCustMSorry again for the mess and run around. 

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Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable. NO internet!


Hi No.  I was given the option of a Technician but I would be billed for one.  I was supposed to receive a phonecall from a netowkr specialist in Sydney but this didn't happen either.  Never mind.  Here is the state of play today!


The service has been barely hanging together.  TV is a bit pixelated, yesterdays speed OK for a while, but generally poor.


I did not organise a last Technician Visit as I received a letter NBN was available.  The previous 4 requests for Technician Support yielded no results and now with  a NBN letter, lets ty something new.


Received my NBN modem, OPtus came but had issues pushing a cable through.  Have to wait 3 weeks for someone to come analyze the problem.  So here is today.  Eagerly waiting.....




Hope they come soon.... 


Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable. NO internet!


@NewCustMe Definitely not looking good Smiley Sad 

We'd be happy to chase it up for you, can you please PM me with your account number, full name and DOB? 

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Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable. NO internet!


I'll private message you my account details etc.


At this stage awaiting NBN, which only just became available in Doncaster East.  A technician tried to run cable through the underground tubes but hit some roadblock at house side.  Can't blame Optus for that, but apparently I am booked in with a digger?


The current speeds are the speeds we've had since September when we signed up. 4-5 MB.s is typical. 0.26MB.s and 11mb.s is also typical.


However today Smiley Happy (as in right now) we get


The fastest speeds I've seen since day 1.   We have not rebooted the modem either.


I shall check later today again.  Usually evenings are very bad...

Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable. NO internet!


Just updating on the situation as I said I would.


Today speeds are average at best, sometimes OK.  Dropouts are regular.



We signed up for NBN in April with an installation date only 10 days from signing, but it has been delayed and delayed.



Confirmed with Optus on the 15th that the final remedation date would be met on the 16th June, and stayed home specifically for this event.  NO one came and no phone call...


Ringing back on that evening, resulted by being told by Optus that the no show is not their problem, it is the problem of NBN.


That's all well and good but I signed with Optus, and OPtus confirmed the appointment the day before.  Poor Performance.  I was told on Friday night to wait for a phonecall from NBN..  ??  .


Now almost a week later, (nothing), and popped into the Optus store, and was given a new remedial date on 22 July.  And to wait for a phonecall.  SO there goes another 5 weeks......


Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable


I have the same problem with ADSL2plus - thank fully not using Fetch TV. It wastes my time and I spent so much time on the phone to Optus, installed a new modem (same make and product number) and it still drops out all the time. 

Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable


I can only share my experience.  ADSL was a disaster for me.  I ended up buying a WIFI adapter for my computer so I could hotspot my phone to my desktop,  The drop-outs were frequent.  Even this forum timing out.


I don't think my ADSL was fixable..  Maybe 20+ hours to help desk????  I don't know - I know there was over 4 hour in just one day months ago.  If they could have fixed it they should have fixed it....



I'm now on NBN, a 9 days installation too te best part of 3 months.  Admittedly a large part of this is outside of Optus control.  IE faults in the NBN network in the street.


NBN is now running, its giving me 90mb down and 36mb up.  Its been good for the first 3 week.  it is 99% reliable...

     Two days ago it was down I had to reboot the NBN box.

     About one week ago the whole internet was down with Optus, and it wasn't just NBN as my 4G phone had no internet either.


My suggestion is to push for NBN. I was never able to get my ADSL working in the whole 9 months since signing up.



Re: ADSL2+. Slow Internet, EPL, Fetch TV not usable

[ Edited ]

I hate to tell you this but the NBN may not cure this situation at all.  I'm in the Glen Waverley area and I have the full-bore you beaut 100Mbps down / 40 up Fusion pack however for the last three or four weeks my speeds in the evening (when you would be trying to use your Fetch box and watch the soccer) drop down to 4Mbps.  So there's NBN HFC for you!

I had someone from their Customer Relations Group call me on Friday...they offered a one-off discount, told me that a new "works ticket" would be raised about my "issue" and that a specialist technician would phone me on Saturday.  Guess what?  No call from the technician!  Also, when I explained that the slow downs were due to evening congestion and not a line fault (as speeds were good during the daytime and after 11pm) it was as if the topic did not exist.


The long and the short of it is BANDWIDTH and how much Optus has bought from the NBN.  Pure and simple.  Yet Optus keeps selling high speed net packs with Fetch boxes and the works...which many people will never get full use of because there is not enough bandwidth.  You know the old saying..."You get what you pay for"...well in the case of internet packages and many ISPs you don't even get that!!!  I'd love a dollar for every time I have been on to the techs in India about my situation.  Only one had the courage to tell me the real reason for the slow down...insufficient bandwidth.

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