ADSL2+ - Line drops and slow internet


I have been a customer with Optus for maybe around 6 months now and the experiece has been far from pleasant. I have repeatedly been having issues with line drops and slow internet speeds and did make a tech support call a couple of months back? I was charged $150 for a Telstra technicial call out and the connection issue did appear to have been sorted out. Now, again for the last few weeks the slow speeds, and line drops have reappeard. I call up Optus Tech Support again, just to be advised that the Telstra technicial call out fee will again apply. My question is what fix was made last time and how come the issue appeared again? I obviously cannot keep paying $150 every other month, and would rather prefer moving to another service provider if Optus is not able to resolve my issues. Optus can check the logs to see the number of calls I have made to the tech support over the last 6 months.

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I too have experienced poor service from Optus. My Optus ADSL2+ speed is 2 mbs and with drop outs. My phone line does not even work. Optus says they may charge me for a service call out when my phone line has never worked. I give Optus 1 out of 1o for service. I was told by Optus when signing up that I could expect to get 12 mbs on ADSL2+, clearly a misrepresentation. What a lie to get my business? I am glad for consumer protection laws, NSW Fair Trading, the Telecommunications Ombudsman, and social media. These are some of the avenues I will be pursuing. As for being able contact Optus, the call wait times are prohibitive (at least 30 minutes waiting time). Perhaps that is a way of shielding themselves from their dissatisfied customers. As for the Optus Customer Complaints Policy, it is poor in many respects. I would even go so far as to rate it as unacceptable and shows Optus as a poor Corporate citizen. The internet is in reality an essential service. For an organisation such as Optus  that has the power to positively or negatively impact the citizens of Australia, and in my case negatively, should be brought before the relevant authorities and penalised accordingly.. 


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Hey @pramodx75, thanks for reaching out to us here. I can definitely appreciate the concern.


Do you have the fault reference number we'd raised for you in the past? I'm happy to run through the fault ticket and confirm what action was taken to solve the issue in the past.


We'll run a number of tests on the line from our end. We'll then the results back to Telstra who'll confirm whether a field technician is required to go out. If the results of their tests all come back within spec, we'll offer to send a technician however if the fault lies beyond the Network Boundary point (internal wiring for example) then a call out fee will apply


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Re: ADSL2+ - Line drops and slow internet




The last time I reported the issue was through ref no 17722782. I was told that this would require a Telstra call out costing $150. In the meanwhile, I have been talking to my landlord in this regard, as I will not be able to spend $150 every second month. If you check your logs you can see how many times I have called out line drop and slow speed issues in the last 6 months ( ever since I took an Optus connection ). 


I would also like to mention that from Jan 2 - Jan 5, 2018, the internet, for some reason has been excellent. But on 6 - 8 Jan 2018, the connection has gone back to being so bad that I am currently using my mobile data to write this message - ( I was disconnected sending this message and so I had to type this all over again ). 


May I state, that so far the experience with Optus has been very unpleasant. If this continues, I will not be willing to pay for a service I am not being adequately provided. It would be great if one of your technicians can visit the premises and confirm what the fault is. I was with TPG on the same premises for 3 years and had just one issue to report in those three years. 



Re: ADSL2+ - Line drops and slow internet


The $150 charge would only apply if a fault is caused by your equipment. As you are on a wholesale network, there are charges to organise a technician. This of course doesn't apply if there's an issue with the line, but if the technician gets there and you're using a third party modem or something else that's outside of the Optus recommended set up, the call out fee for the technician is applied.


This is a default term and condition for the technician booking so as long as you're just using the standard set up, there should be no worries.


You can discuss alternate options for your contract if you believe the service is unusable, but the technical investigation would need to be completed first.


Hope this helps! If you jump into Tech Support Live Chat with your fault reference number, they will be able to organise it's progression.

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