ADSL2+ Internet speeds slow!


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I have an ADSL 2+ connection, since NBN isn't there in my area yet. The theoretical speeds for the connection is around 20 Mbps, and while signing up, based on my address, the representative said I should be getting around 15 Mbps based on the distance to the exchange. 


However, the streaming doesn't work (at the lowest quality) when multiple devices are connected to the WiFi and as far as I can tell, the speeds aren't even over 1 Mbps! I tried restarting the modem, but it doesn't really help. I received the modem from Optus and connected with the splitter. I don't use the phone line. Would appreciate any suggestions that would at least give me 10+ Mbps speed. 

Re: ADSL2+ Internet speeds slow!


Hi there, definitely get that it would be frustrating Smiley Sad

When it comes to DSL connections there are a number of factors that could affect your speed like line quality and network traffic (more info on this here).

Would recommend firstly running through our troubleshooting guides here to rule out any basic factors that could be contributing.

If this doesn't help, please chat with our Faults team here so we can check it out a bit further for you!

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