ADSL2+ Daily drop outs and slow speeds

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I am new to Optus and only signed up in February to get the Premier League. Since then my internet has been less than good. I experience frequent drop outs. I spoke to Optus and they said there was a fault on my line. Apparently a technician was sent out and they rectified the issue, but I still experienced the drop outs. Then spoke to a technician again and they said they changed something on their end and for me to monitor. So I did...and drop outs are less frequent, but then I noticed the speed is dramatically lower. Chat to another technician to look at the speed issue, speed seems to increase, but drop outs start occuring again, and round and round I go in a circle.


I may as well change back to one of the other ISPs where my internet was stable and reasonably fast, and then stream the Premier league illegally...that's what customers get driven to if the service is poor...I'm trying to do the right thing. I used to get on average download speeds of 7Mbps. I'm lucky if I get 3Mbps now. I haven't changed any hardware and I've tried two different modems.


Any advice?

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