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ADSL2+ Bandwidth Issue

Hi Guys,


The Internet coverage is progressively getting worse. In the past we've had issues with streaming services during peak times, and I understand that at times. This however is not the case as it is now occurring in the middle of the day. 

Our household is not a large consumer of data. On most days there will be two phones, an iPad and streaming on a TV. In recent weeks I can no longer have my phone connected via WiFi and if we hit double digits when I do a speed test it is cause for celebration. Don't even ask about upload speeds they are next to non-existent.

Any possible recommendations would be appreciated. 



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Re: ADSL2+ Bandwidth Issue

Hey @JJRad, thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry that you've been having issues with your network.


Have you checked to see when NBN is rolling out in the area? This should replace some of your old copper cables with new fibre optic for a better connection.


There is also this handy article on the forum that may provide with some further insight on how to improve your ADSL speeds.

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