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ADSL service not working from Day 1

I’m writing a formal complaint about the service that we have received from Optus so far.

We were mean to have an ADSL service connected on Friday, 20th July and my husband took an annual leave day to be at home when the technician came.  On Friday night, he contacted Optus and was told that our account was suspended and that we needed to speak with the Customer Service team in the morning when they opened. I called and once I got through the confusing and less than helpful options I spoke to someone in Technical Support who said they needed to send a technician on Monday to make a tag on the MDF box. I spent more than an hour on that call.

I spoke to the Telstra technician who came on Friday. He said that we didn’t have an MDF on our premises, but that he would come by on Saturday evening to see if he could help us. I spent another 30 minutes on the phone with Optus to inform them of what the technician told me. They still insisted that another technician came on Monday.  The Telstra technician attended our home again on Saturday. He checked the connection and there was a dial tone. I spent another hour on the phone to Optus to let them know what that technician had said. The Optus tech support team member said that out internet services has not been provisioned for our username, but that the issue has been escalated to the Case Management team and that our issue would be resolved within 24 hours.

Optus is so reliable in that regard. So I wasn’t surprised that still nothing was working. I spent another half an hour over the phone only to be told that a technician would be sent the next day.

This morning, the same Telstra technician came and did some tests on the line for Optus and guess what? He told them the exact same thing I relayed to them on Saturday.

Optus is clearly unable to provide me an internet service so I want a refund. Unfortunately the time we’ve spent on the phone because of Optus’ incompetence cannot be refunded.

 I will also send a copy of this letter to the complaints address.

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Re: ADSL service not working from Day 1

Hey @LYR - thanks for taking the time to write this up. Can certainly see how frustrating this must be for you and your husband. 

Are you able to send me a private message with your account or order number, full name and DOB? I'll take a look into this.

Apologies for the experience so far. 

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