ADSL not connected


Hi there, 

I'm a new customer and my ADSL connection date was yesterday. I received a router and , according to the order-tracking, I was activated yesterday but the Internet is not working. The DSL light on the router doesn't stop blinking.

I called Optus twice last night: In the first phone call I got told to wait until 7:30pm, in the next (at 8:30) I got told to wait until midnight. This morning there's still the same issue.  Has anyone experienced this before or an idea what the issue is? 



Re: ADSL not connected


Hey @Joe186, sorry to hear that you've had a bit of trouble with your activation Smiley Sad 

Can you please confirm if you're seeing a ServiceNet page when you try to access the internet? Please let us know if you're still not able to connect! 

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