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ADSL connection issues - technicians not arriving. Please help.

Hi all,


Thank you for your assistance in advance.


I have recently signed up for an ADSL service with Optus and I am having significant problems with achieving my connection. I will briefly outline the story below.


I signed up on the 25/9/17 and was told to expect my service to be operational by 6/10/17 via a text message. I was also informed that a technician would be visiting on this date. The technician arrived and connected from the exchange to the MDF but advised that there was no phone line connection to my apartment, and that Optus would be in contact with me to organise a subsequent technician. I received a text message shortly afterwards asking if I had a phone dial tone to which I answered "NO". I then received a message confirming a technician on the next business day between 12pm and 5pm. Given the slight ambiguity of the message, I phoned Optus who confirmed with me that a technician was indeed coming Monday 9/10/17 between 12pm and 5pm. I was instructed to be at the property. Come Monday 9/10/17, I waited at the property but no technician arrived. I then called Pre-activation service who advised me that they would "look into the matter" (after some persuasion - the intial response was to just call back in twenty-four hours). True to their word they got back to me today (Tuesday 10/10/17) who advised that no technician was required to visit, but some 'back of house stuff' needed to be completed and my connection would be active by 5pm that day.


Now come 5pm, not unsurprisingly the internet (and phone) is not functioning. After another long phone call first to Pre-activation who advised me that the phone is ringing and that everything is activated and in place, they transferred me to technical support. Now after thirty minutes of testing the server I was advised that there is a technical fault with the Exchange and that a 'priority' technician will be visiting on or before Tuesday 17/10/17. This was the best option available. They would not guarantee my internet would work once this fault has been fixed. I was also told that internet is down for the whole area, and it was due to a fault involving Telstra. This is no mention of an outage on either Telstra's or Optus's websites. Now after checking with other people in the apartment block (who are with Telstra) there is no issues with internet connectivity.


Essentially this does not make sense to me and I am just looking for some advice as what to do. I am very concerned that come 17/10/17 the fault will be 'corrected' yet I will still not have internet as a technician has not connected my line from the MDF to the apartment.


If anybody has advice or an opinion about what best to do it would be much appreciated! Is this normal for Optus (it is my first time - and really at this stage rapidly becoming my last). Thank you in advance.

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Re: ADSL connection issues - technicians not arriving. Please help.

Hi Josh, 


No, Optus is the worst Telco i have had dealings with, I now wish to cancel my account, (*REMOVED PERSONAL INFO*) and also we now wish to cancel the order for *REMOVED PERSONAL INFO* which was ordered by my Partner *REMOVED PERSONAL INFO* over 2 weeks ago.
The whole experience with Optus has been so disappointing and we now would rather go to Telstra, or Vodafone, and have our internet and Phone up and going within a day, unlike Optus, Now 2 weeks, just to be put on hold for 2 hrs

We will also be putting this on Facebook, to warn others of the difficulties talking to someone from Optus, who can't understand English and work out the customers needs.
When you call, you go through to someone, who has no idea, or care, regarding the customers requirements.
1 out of 10 for Optus.

Please feel free to call me should you have any questions, but unlike Optus, you won't be put on hold for 2 hrs, and i will answer your questions straight away.

Would love to give you our Home Number, but Optus is so unprofessional, we don't have a home phone after 2 weeks.
As we deal with most companies Nationally, we will definitely give Optus the due respect it deserves. Joke

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