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I switched from Telstra ADSL to Optus ADSL because they said you can get NBN, switch over now and when NBN is available it is a simple switch. That was March 2017. I still have not got NBN but I do have a terrible network service issue. At least 3 times a week I ring the Tech help line to complain about the system has gone down (normal ping times to Optus DNS is 23ms during fault times it is 4500ms) download speed was normally 4.5Mbps during fault times it is 23kbps. Eventually a Telstra Tech came out as they did not believe me that my system was not at fault. He found nothing wrong with my WLL, Ethernet, Modem, Lead In cable, Street Cable (just as I told the Tech people over 30 times). Telstra Tech changed ports at the DSLAM in the local exchange and I got immediate change of through put (modem now showed 5.3Mbps) speed test showed 4.9Mbps.

But then a few days later down it went again. Now they are saying there are congestion issues and there is no time frame for fix. I have on eight occasions requested a senior person ring me and tell me what is going on, but five months on still no calls.

I have had enough, every weekend I cannot watch a game of footy as the network goes down, I have Optus Fetch box I am going to rename to Optus Blank Screen.

My modem now shows I can only get 3.9Mps, all my shows are grainy and sometimes buffer. It cost me $320 to get out of my Telstra contract to switch to Optus (I wanted the Fetch service) so what do I do now. Every time I have an outage I ring Tech help line and get, “what lights are on the modem” after over 30 calls of the same thing with a call record and notes taken they will stop asking me to “run an Ethernet cable to your modem”.


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Hi ADSL, you raise a lot of issues. I'll try answer most of them 


1. What is your postcode?


2. Every Telco can "get the NBN". When your area becomes NBN ready (check your address here) then every ISP in the country is free to offer you an internet service (which they will then call up the NBN and order on your behalf). What tech is your NBN going to be (see nbn link)


3. The Optus Fetch bundle is enticing but its not exclusive (you can buy a FetchTV box for $399 and what Fetch). The box you have now isn't actually yours (you're leasing it) however if you leave Optus you can choose not to return it and pay $200.


4. What contract are you on now with Optus? 18 months left?


There are some definite options for you but I'll comment on them once you answer my queries above. Unfortunatelty getting your current service fixed is probably not one of them. As the NBN rollout nears completion, no one is spending much time fixing up equipment soon to be completely obsolete.




Peter Gillespie

Re: ADSL congestion


1. 3438

2. Optus is the one that talked me into switch over then (Mar 17) as the NBN showed my area as purple (but Optus system had not serviceable yet). So they suggested to switch to the ADSL resale and when the NBN was serviceable it would be a simple switch over.

3. The Optus Fetch bundle WAS exclusive for the NBN Broadband with Entertainment no limit data with phone.

4. Reach Entertainment Plus (ADSL through Telstra Exchange).


A statement you made is very concerning and I hope totally false. "Unfortunately getting your current service fixed is probably not one of them". I pay for a service, I had a service that I paid for, now I do not get a service I pay for because Optus has over sold the network. If they did it to me, how many other customers have they sold to this network?

We never had Optus resale in my town, only since this year have I been able to get access to it, also there was an Optus sales team in our town for about a month. Just that alone says over supply.


Re: ADSL congestion


Thanks for the info.


The switchover to Optus NBN is likely to be simple (what they don't say is that the switch over to any ISP NBN is likely to be simple). Optus appear to be being particularly aggressive in trying to keep or add customers to its network as the NBN Rollout progesses. That's not necessarily a bad thing (lower price packages, extras like Fetch, etc.) but it has lead to some degree of over promise and under perform. 


1. The Fetch bundle is a good offer (I think its been very popular for Optus) and the PVR itself is a good one. I was just letting you know that you can keep the STB and continue to access Fetch directly if you leave Optus.


2. ADSL resale is generally pricy. $140? You're basically still on the Telstra exchange and Optus just provide the STB and cutomer service. Optus also don't have direct ownership of the exchange so they have to call Telstra to get anything fixed - but it seems you already know all of that.


3. You mentioned not running a ethernet cable to your modem - is this because you have tried / are doing it or because you can't  / don't want to?


4. The NBN doesn't appear like it will be available for another 6 months in your area. That's good as the end is in sight, but that also means you may have to suffer for 6 more months. Smiley Sad You'll be getting FTTN (basically ADSL on steroids).


5. To help rule out home issues, when the speed drops try turning off all equipment connected to the modem. Then connect your phone via wifi and run a speedtest. See if the results stay low. 


6. I do hope you can get the issues fixed. I'm just a dog on the internet so take any comments with skepticism Smiley Indifferent I was refering to two factors.

a. Its seems likely only Optus/Telstra can fix your problem (i.e. you won't be able to do it yourself using advice from here)

b. The ADSL network is being revamped and the industry is undergoing significant disruption. Its great you've had techs out but if they can't find an obvious issue then I don't see them going much further to help. The classic customer helpdesk reponses are vague "works in your area (unknown timeframe)" and "congestion". 


The good news is it should 100% be resolved in 6 months time. The bad is I don't think your internet is (or will be) really up to streaming TV till then. You may wish to talk to Optus about exiting or modifying your contract. But otherwise you'll need to keep contacting them and seeing if the issuecan be fixed.


Good Luck.


Peter Gillespie

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